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Hemophilia B

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Hem A overviewHemophilia B is caused by a deficiency or absence of functional coagulation factor IX

Hemophilia B occurs in approximately 1 in 30,000 male births

Primary symptom is uncontrolled, often spontaneous bleeding in different areas of the body







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mode of inheritance 2

Hemophilia is a predominately male, X-linked genetic disorder.

Inherited or spontaneous mutations in the F9 gene result in a deficiency or absence of functional coagulation factor IX (FIX).

70% of hemophilia patients inherit the faulty gene; however, 30% are spontaneous and occur in patients with no family history of the disease.

The majority of carriers (XX) are asymptomatic.






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Hemophilia B Symptoms

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Hem A overview

Joint bleeds account for 70-80% of bleeds in patients with hemophilia.

As little as one joint bleed can lead to irreversible joint damage.

Prophylaxis initiated prior to the onset of arthropathy has been shown to preserve joint function in adulthood.

High trough levels are important to prevent bleeds and protect joints; in patients with hemophilia B, those with low factor levels (<5%) have the highest risk for joint bleeds, while those with factor levels of ≥15% had a very low risk approximating no expected joint bleeds.






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Hem B Symptom Table

Gene therapy is a one-time treatment that may help reduce or eliminate the need for FIX prophylactic infusions      

FIX concentrates are the current standard of care 

The use of pure FIX concentrates is preferable for treatment over PCC.

Each unit of FIX/kg infused will raise the plasma FIX level approximately 1 IU/dL.

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